Create Visual Music with ColorSynth

ColorSynth™ is a module integrated into Final Cut Pro X, redefining your color grading experience and creative possibilities.

Control the Visual with Codex Keys

Codex Keys™ is an extended keyboard-sized device sporting a full-color, high-resolution display, integrating with NLE functions and all of the color controls of ColorSynth.

Click, Create, Color with ColorSynth

Keeping you focused and in the flow.

Innovative Color Remapping

Core to ColorSynth’s toolset is an elegantly designed collection of innovative color remapping tools called Color EQ. Color remapping tools have been around for decades; however, the mathematics usually result in unwanted color distortion artifacts that impede their usefulness and usability. ColorSynth’s Color EQ nodes have been carefully engineered to address these issues and to deliver enhanced possibilities to all users.

(3) Color EQ nodes

The Master EQ works as a parametric audio EQ, with all the necessary permutations of Hue, Lightness and Saturation remapping. The 7-band EQ is a specialized tool designed to modify the hue, lightness and saturation of complex conditional color qualities. The Color Mixer allows super clean RGB-based remapping of (9) color bands.

ColorSynth - intuitive Color Grading

Simple at first glance, ColorSynth is an elaborate pre-wired network of color processing nodes totaling more than sixty items arranged in an eight-layer stack with several sublayers. Regardless of the complexity of the grade, ColorSynth renders the results in floating point precision, at a constant speed, in both SDR and HDR. The ColorSynth grading template is designed to meet the user at any comfort level; from the simplest One Light pass to the most esoteric needs, the ColorSynth software is easy to learn quickly.


Six potentiometers and increment
key sets, and more than forty
full-color LED backlit keys.


How it works, how it's built, how it's a perfect fit.

Codex Keys
• h 54.9 x w 485.8 x d 183.9 mm / 2.2 x 19.1 x 7.2 in
• Weight: 1.75 kg / 3.86 lb
• Precision die-cast body construction
• Quality high resolution screen

System Requirements
• MacOS driver
• 5V DC 1.6A Max
• USB bus-powered [USB-C port - USB-C to USB-C cable supplied]

Codex ColorSynth
• Highly optimized floating point architecture running on GPU ad CPU.
• Constant rendering speed.
• Highly portable code base.
• Proprietary user interface tailored for efficient grading.
• Tight integration within hosts (no floating windows or roundtrip to external app).

• White balance by chromatic adaptation matrix (manual or from sampled pixels).
• RGB gains expressed in Printer Points.
• Exposure level.
• Saturation level.
• Contrast ratio with adjustable pivot point (Luminance and RGB).
• White balance by direct RGB gains (from sampled pixels).
• Exposure level from sampled pixels.
• Master & RGB Lifts.
• Master & RGB Gammas.
• Master & RGB Gains.
• Master & RGB Offsets.
• Cubic spline-based Tone Curve (Luminance and RGB).
• Vibrance control, with effect range.
• Clarity control, with effect range.
• Proprietary Hue vs Hue, Hue vs Lum, and Hue vs Sat remapping technology.
• Proprietary Lum vs Lum and Sat vs Lum and Sat vs Sat remapping technology.
• Proprietary 7-band color warping tools.
• Proprietary 9-band color Mixer.
• 1D & 3D LUTs.
• All parameters can be locked, blended, toggled, reset and saved to disk.

• Proprietary linear chroma-keyer with color band presets and and multi-key booleans.
• Shadows, Mid-tones and Highlights qualifiers driven by user-adjustable curves with unit gain.

Grade structure
• Grade organized in six preset layers, with nine additional sublayers.
• Twelve simultaneous and completely independent sets of all of the above-mentioned modifiers.
• Grade complexity can be user-defined from one to fifteen grade sets.

• Save and Load settings.
• Render layer stack as a LUT.
• Compare A/B grades (source or reference frames).
• Single or multi-clip grading.
• Drivable by Codex Keys control surface.

• Grade snapshots.
• Unclamped processing ranges.
• Rec2020 support.
• HDR PQ peak luminance preference.
• 30-day Trial License & Full License.

ColorSynth Arriving Soon

We're busy putting the finishing touches to give you a great color grading experience. We'll notify you when it's ready.

ColorSynth with Codex Keys

The combination of Final Cut Pro X with ColorSynth™
and Codex Keys™ allows users the pristine comfort that professional colorists enjoy at a cost anyone can afford.

USD 1800.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about ColorSynth and Codex Keys. Contact Support if you require further information.

How can I tell if parameters for a Qualifier/Modifier have been changed?
When parameters are changed the text in the title bar (e.g. Exposure or Tone Curve) appears white instead of grey, and there is a reset option available.
Can I change the order of Layers or Modifiers within them?
The order of Layers/Modifiers is fixed, but designed to provide a high degree of flexibility to handle difficult grading scenarios.
What does a licence include?
A purchase of 1 ColorSynth licence is for the full functionality of the plug-in, for a single seat, with no expiry.
Can I transfer my licence to a different machine?
Yes. Please contact Support
What platforms and software is ColorSynth available for?
ColorSynth is available for Mac and works in Final Cut Pro X with Adobe Premiere planned for future release.
Where can I find a User Guide for ColorSynth?
The ColorSynth User Guide will be avaiable soon. Just putting the finishing touches.
Where can I find Tutorials for ColorSynth?
ColorSynth Tutorials are coming soon.
Where can I get Support for ColorSynth?
Most questions about ColorSynth are answered via the FAQs, with User Guide and Tutorials on the way. If you have a question that isn't answered there, or to report an issue, please email
Why are the colours shown in a cube rather than a wheel?
How do I load my own LUTs for use with ColorSynth?
How do I load a ColorSynth look from one machine to another?
How do I un-install ColorSynth?
Simply drag and drop the plugin app /Applications/Codex/ into the trash.

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